Magswitch MLAY600 Lifting Magnets 600x2

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  • Magswitch MLAY600 Lifting Magnets 600x2
  • Magswitch MLAY600 Lifting Magnets 600x2
  • Magswitch MLAY600 Lifting Magnets 600x2
  • Magswitch MLAY600 Lifting Magnets 600x2
  • Magswitch MLAY600 Lifting Magnets 600x2
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  • Outperforms other magnetic lifters on Thin Steel-you can buy a smaller less expensive Magswitch to match what your lifting.
  • Superior performance in the presence of Air Gaps: such as rust, paint and uneven surfaces.
  • Lighter weight more compact unit
  • Lift from Horizontal to Vertical
  • Magswitch Technology, Superior hold force on Thin steel (50mm shallow field)
  • Superior hold with Air Gaps, Compact, light weight, easy actuation
  • Pivoting Hook allows lift from horizontal to vertical
  • Pole Shoes replaceable for long life, or make custom shoes match to target
  • Lock on/ off handle
  • Lifts Flat or Pipe




Magswitch heavy lifters are simply the best lightest in class and compact heavy lifting magnets on the market. Magswitch technology enables strong grip on thin material, superior hold on uneven surfaces and easy on/off on thin steel. Magswitch lifters offer a new level of safety with a dual hook for load stabilization (patent pending). Also features lock on/lock off handle. Comes with replaceable pole shoes for easy maintenance.




Max Breakaway: 1100 lbs/500 kg
Safe Working Load: 367 lbs/166 kg
Full Saturation Thickness: 1/2 / 9.5mm
Max Safe Shear: 200 lbs/90.9 kg
Minimum Thickness for De-Stack: 1/2 / 9.5mm
Net Weight: 9.5 lbs/4.3 kg
Mounting Thread: M6x1.0
Overall Height: 6.7in/170.4 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint: 119 71.12 mm


Additional Information


Productivity Advantage

  • Better performance on thin steel allows Magswitch to fit the job with a lighter magnet and usually at a better price.

Safety Advantage

  • Lightweight, Better hold on thin material and in presence of air gaps.







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