Magswitch MagJigs 60 Keychain

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  • Magswitch MagJigs 60 Keychain
  • Magswitch MagJigs 60 Keychain
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This hardworking magnetic keychain uses Magswitch shallow-field technology so that you can activate or deactivate the magnetic field with a simple twist of the knob. Lock on up to 60 lbs. any metal surface. When you’re ready to go, the MagJig 60 Keychain completely releases the magnetic holding force to fit right into your pocket.

MagJigs are ideal for downward pressure clamping and come with a 3/4 inch standoff for flush mount. Simply drill a hole in the fixturing material and place the clamp in. The MagJigs come with screw holes so you can secure the jig in the fixture. At least two MagJigs per fixture to minimize slippage is recommended.

The MagJig 60 Keychain can handle up to 60 lbs, or roughly the equivalent of eight gallons of water – but weighs only 3.2 ounces in your hand

  • Magnet Strength: 60 lbs
  • Net Weight: 0.2 lbs
  • Overall Height: 1.7in

Use this to create:

  • Feneces
  • Assembly Jigs
  • Cutting Fixtures
  • Blade Guards
  • Work Supports


Magnet Strengh: 60 lbs/27 kg
2:1 Shear Working Load: 17 lbs/7 kg
Net Weight: 0.2 lbs/0.1 kg
Overall Height: 1.7in/44.1 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint: 56mm x 16mm
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