eWON Flexy Extension Cards

eWON Flexy Extension Cards

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    eWON Flexy Card WAN

    Overview   Ethernet WAN Card Flexy ext. card Ethernet WAN 10/100 MB The LAN network is the most economical way to connect your remote site or device to the Internet. Thanks to our cloud-based remote connectivity solution Talk2M, OEMs and system...
  • eWON Flexy Card WIFI


    eWON Flexy Card WIFI

    Overview   802.11 B,G,N WIFI/WLAN Client Card More and more WLAN(WiFi) access points are available in the industry. WLAN access points allow Internet connectivity while avoiding connection on the factory/corporate LAN network. The eWON Flexy...
  • eWon Flexy Card 3G


    eWon Flexy Card 3G

    Overview   Cellular 3G+ Connectivity Many field-based applications do not have access to a wired connection to the Internet, and this is where 3G cellular technology can solve major connectivity problems. The cellular 3G extension card lets you...
  • Flexy Card Cellular 4G Verizon

    The eWON Flexy can now connect machines to the Internet using 4G thanks to the new 4G LTE EU (Europe) extension card. This enables Flexy users to access, monitor and control machinery remotely over the cellular 4G network. Part...
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    eWON Flexy Card 2 Serial Ports

    Overview   Dual Serial Port Card RS232/485/422 serial ports. The dual serial port extension card offers OEMs and system integrators the ability to interconnect and retrieve data from serial devices. As a transparent gateway, the eWON Flexy is...
  • eWon Flexy Card Dial-up


    eWon Flexy Card Dial-up

    Overview   PSTN Dial-Up Modem V92/34/32bis/22bis More and more wired or wireless broadband Internet technology is being used to connect remote devices. They offer high bandwidth and high reliability, allowing easy remote maintenance, remote...