Eliminate the Dangers of Heavy Lifting with Magswitch Lifting Magnets

Safety is important on every shop floor but without the right equipment lifting steel, beams, and pipes can become a hazard. Magswitch has introduced different magnetic lifting tools to ensure the safety of handlers while lifting heavy materials. From large frames to cordless hand lifters, Magswitch has the tools for any size metal.

Magnetic Lifting Frame for Heavy Lifting


Use the Magnetic Lifting Frame by hook or on a forklift to lift heavy materials such as steel or unstacking sheets of metal one at a time. The frame can lift as thin a sheet as 4.8mm. Magswitch’s Heavy Lifting Frame series provides a variety of layouts so you can find a suitable frame for different sheet sizes and thickness. Not only is the Magnetic Lifting Frame safe, but set-up is quick and easy requiring only one person.

Magnetic Hand Lifter


This tool is lightest on the market but still handles all the heavy lifting. Even on uneven surfaces

Magswitch’s lifting magnets have a strong grip on materials and allow easy on/off capabilities. Easily lock the magnet on or off with a turn of a knob.

Cordless Electrically Switched Magnetic Hand Lifter


Turn the magnetic on and off with a pushbutton featured on the handle. The electrically switched cordless magnet is powered by a two rechargeable batteries capable of 2000 switching actions per charge. Even when the batteries discharge, the magnet stays on to ensure user safety.

Magswitch at ACDSupply.com

Browse the best products in safety and convenience — visit Magswitch at ACDSupply.com. The online store offers a wide catalog of Magswitch magnet technology for heavy lifting, welding, and woodworking. Find out how Magswitch can change the way you work!

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