Benefits of the eWON Cosy

Benefits of the eWON Cosy

For the past two years, Control Design Readers has rated eWON as #1 in the Machine Remote Access Category. This year, history has placed eWON in the position of Industry Leader once again.

eWON products are used in over 150 countries worldwide, connecting users to their machines over 9 million times daily. The eWON Cosy 131 is no exception, transferring millions of MBs worth of data and reducing hours of time consuming work to minutes. As an industrial VPN router, the eWON Cosy is designed to offer remote access to your devices over the internet, making the location completely irrelevant. The eWON Cosy allows system integrators to configure, install, and troubleshoot their machines remotely and securely, drastically reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Machine to Machine communication gives organizations exciting new avenues to approach their problems and provides solutions that instill efficiency, productivity, and security within the automation infrastructure. Furthermore, it provides the perfect way for companies to make the shift from conventional technologies and get on the Industrial IoT bandwagon.

eWON Cosy hardware employs its own Talk2M Cloud Server as a gateway for all data. Talk2M provides several remote features through its cloud-based industrial connectivity.

  • Remote maintenance
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote access to machine and sites
  • Remote data collection

By implementing this cloud-based connectivity solution within the plant floor, the user can check up on their devices on-the-go and without being on the plant floor themselves.

In order to send data to the server, the eWON Cosy uses a secure outbound connection. The server and the data can then be accessed by clients worldwide. There are two ways the user can access the server:

  • eCatcher Talk2M VPN client, suitable for system integrators
  • M2Web Portal, suitable for viewing SCADA systems on your phone/tablet

Whichever way the user chooses, the entire process is highly secure and backed up by a fully secure SSL-based VPN tunnel. The information exchanged is encrypted at all times, and only accessible if authenticated by eWON. Talk2M uses double factor authentication while the customer always retains control through external key switches.

eWON Cosy devices are available in EthernetWireless, and GSM variants ensuring remote-connectivity of all types. eWON also takes into account the wide array of protocols used by the industry, supporting major protocols including those followed by Siemens, Allen-Bradley, ABB, Schneider, etc. This allows the eWON Cosy VPN to be used in many different fields.

All these features and functionalities lead to reliability, availability and security, making eWON Cosy 131 a preferred VPN Router for manufacturers around the world. offers free same-day shipping on all eWon products. View all our eWon products ยป

Apr 30th 2018

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