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Dialight's Vigilant LED High Bay Fixtures

The most innovative LED fixture currently on the market, the new Vigilant LED High Bay, produces 60,000 lumen, 125 lumens per watt. This new high-output LED fixture is the perfect replacement for conventional 1,000W HID high-output fixtures.

It’s Powerful

The Vigilant high-output LED High Bay is more powerful than any other LED lighting system. Cutting the power consumption of a typical HID product in half, Vigilant High Bay has a 480W power supply producing 60,000lm. With custom narrow optics for maximum light levels and uniformity, this product is perfect for high ceilings in any industrial environment.led_lights

It’s Small and Durable

Smaller and lighter than any other high-output fixture, the Vigilant High Bay is 18 inches tall, 24 inches in diameter and weighs less than 32 pounds warranting an easy installation. Performance of the Vigilant High Bay will not be affected by harsh indoor environments with the ability to produce the same amount of light in ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +65°C.

Save Time, Energy, and Money

With conventional HID products there are high costs associated with operating and maintaining them. This cost is heightened with 1,000W HID fixtures needed for high ceilings. Vigilant High Bay is one of the most efficient LED lights for industrial applications by cutting energy costs and not requiring regular maintenance. No longer will you need to stop production, wasting time and resources, to replace a HID fixture. You will see a quick ROI and continued savings by switching to Dialight’s Vigilant LED High Bay fixture. Plus, the fixture, drivers, and power supply are all covered under Dialight’s 10-year full-performance warranty.

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